Classical and thematic tours



All of the routes and the length of tours can be changed and tailor made to your needs


During the classical tour we will see the best known sights of Budapest:


  • The World Heritage Sites – the beautiful Danube panorama and Andrassy Avenue
  • Heroes’ square with Millenium Monument and City Hall
  • Parliament
  • Gresham Palace
  • Castle district
  • And Gellért hill with amazing view of Budapest


Budapest on the road, on the water, under the Earth and in the sky


How would you like to discover the wonderful Hungarian capital? Conveniently from the window of a car or bus? Or rather on foot, sometimes walking in the past, other times in the living modern parts of the city? Maybe would it be the best to see the main sights onboard of a ship? Or in a totally unusual way from bird’s-eye view? It is not unimaginable! It is also possible to rent a limousine. It does not matter how, we will be delighted to guide you during your stay in Budapest!


Legends of Budapest


Budapest is not only one of the most beautiful capitals of the world but keeper a lot of legends which ones you can get to know now:

  • How could survive the thunderous 20th century the New York Café?
  • How can one say his last thoughts with help of crosswords?
  • What function can have the bells in a cinema?
  • What secret does the scarred woman made of stone have?
  • Has the zoo always had just inhuman inhabitants?
  • Gül Baba’s secret: patience is a virtue
  • The tongue of lions at the Chain Bridge
  • Opera… from a tree?!


Heritage of World War II and Socializm


What happened during the WWII? The following places will speak about it:


  • Secret nuclear bunker and hospital in the rock
  • Shoes on the Danube Promenade
  • Holocaust Memorial Center – interactive exhibion with help of modern technology shows tortures of Jewish and Roma people
  • Monument of German-speaking citizens who were deported to lagers to the Soviet Union int he 1940s
  • Monument of Carl Lutz which gives back hope that during the bloodiest period of history there were good people
  • In the House of Terror we can see the saddest moments of the 20th century
  • In Memento Park there are gigantic statues from the communistic era
  • Buildings of the socialist-realist architecture


Jewish heritage of Budapest


  • From the ruins to the top – Gozsdu udvar
  • Beautiful synagogues in Budapest, among others the biggest one in Europe
  • Holocaust Memorial Center – interactive exhibion with help of modern technology shows tortures of Jewish and Roma people
  • Shoes on the Danube Promenade
  • Jewish cemetery where many famous people have been burried
  • We will know the history and life of Jews in the Medieval Prayer House (Buda, Castle district)


Budapest – city of healing water and spas


What can be found under the Earth in the area of Hungary? Healing water – treasure which helps keeping health. We are going to discover the most beautiful thermal baths and spas of the capital:

  • The biggest thermal bath in Europe, which is loved not only by people who want to recover, but chess players too.
  • The pearl of Art Noveau, Gellért bath with amazing frescoes and hall.
  • Baths from the Turkish period.
  • A really unique but less known place: Veli bej bath.
  • And last but not least one of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe, with the monumental replica Angkor temple.


In the heart of  Budapest, under the Earth


During the tour we can see the secrets of the Earth under Budapest:

  • The hospital and secret nuclear bunker in the rock
  • Mystical chapel in the rock
  • The recently opened Castle cave


Culture, gastronomy and relaxation


You can choose from more kind of options:

  • After seeing the architecturally unique Western railway station planned by the world-famous Eiffel we keep on the Comedy Theatre which is not only a historical building but belongs to the most popular theatres in Budapest. Not far from it you can eat in a restaurant huge portions Hungarian specialities. After that you can indulge in a pleasant massage (with lava stones, or Indian, honey, tuina back massage and reflexology).
  • If you would like to visit rather the Central Market Hall, after delicious lunch you can relax in a salt cellar (salt comes from the famous Roman mine) which has a beneficial effect on body.
  • Of course it is possible to visit the wonder of modern architecture, the National Theatre and the concert venue, the Palace of Arts before we go to the Zwack Unicum Visitor Centre where one can learn a lot about the history of the special Hungarian liqueur. What would be better after tasting the appetizer than having lunch in a fantastic restaurant, then relaxing on a jade stone massage bed or in the salt cellar.


Adrenaline tour


Today everything is about excitement! Fear in a bunker or in a mysterious place. Maybe on track of Da Vinci code…. But it is not the end of panic! Next moment brings horror again – with special lights and sounds. High level of adrenaline is guaranteed! Do you think you will be able to relax during the meal? Of course… but atmosphere will be like in a prison…


Shopping centres in other way


Everybody knows shopping malls, but this day our aim is not to do shopping but get to know what other things one can do there:

  • First we will go for a walk in the tropical rainforest, then relax while sharks swim above our head.
  • We indulge in science but you do not have to be serious!
  • Racing car fans will enjoy the longest indoor gokart track of Budapest.
  • In the end we can admire the artificial waterfall and fountain, then relax in the roof garden, which one is the biggest in Budapest on the top of a building


Budapest natural beauties


As the Hungarian capital is very rich in natural beauties it is almost impossible to visit all of them during a short city break:


  • On the outskirts of the city we can find the most spectacular waterfall of Budapest
  • Under the Earth we can admire interesting forms in Szemlő-hill limestione cave
  • From the depths of the Earth to the top: the highest point of Budapest
  • In the beautiful Buda hill after unforgettable chairlift trip you can take the former Pioneer’Railway, which one is operated by children
  • We must not forget the amazing Normafa, a legendary place of the Buda hill
  • On the Margaret Island we can walk for several hours. In the green heart of the city time stands still while visiting old ruins of monasteries, the tiny zoo, the recently renovated music fountain and relaxing in the beautiful Japanese garden
  • Many people do not know that an undisturbed water habitat and nature reserve can be found not far from the airport


Treasures of Óbuda


During the excursion you can discover:


  • Reminiscences from the ancient times
  • Wonderful statues
  • Synagogue
  • Medieval market
  • The only resort area of Budapest
  • The world famoues festival venue
  • The longest block of flats in Budapest from the 20th century


Outskirts of Budapest


1.  Budafok-Tétény:

  • Gigantic statues from the Communist Era
  • Amazing mansions and mausoleum, city hall
  • The biggest salt water aquarium of Central Europe
  • A place, where you can get to know science –  and you will enjoy it very much
  • Cave dwelling museum
  • One of the biggest veteran car museum in Europe
  • Champagne cellar.

2.  The biggest district of Budapest

  • The world famous folk music composer’s house
  • Beautiful eclectic villa, today museum
  • And last but not least an undisturbed water habitat and nature reserve

3.  Csepel:

  • Olympic champions’ club
  • Salt cave and jade stone massage bed
  • Nature reserve
  • Unique restaurant on the riverbank

4.  Újpest:

  • One of the most beautiful City Halls in the country
  • Synagogue, which one has the same interior as the biggest Synagogue in Europe
  • Wellness centre with children’s entertainment department
  • The first Butterfly museum in Central Europe
  • One of the biggest indoor water theme parks in Europe, with the monumental replica Angkor temple.


Step child of Budapest


In the past the 8th district of Budapest was a place where you could see a lot of ruinous houses. Nowadays it is one of the most dynamic developing part of the capital. It has a lot of sights:

  • Top-quality high schools and universities
  • Beautiful cinemas and theatres
  • Delightful palaces
  • Popular market
  • Botanical garden and attractive park




Budapest had not had a constant bridge until the middle of the 19th century but later has been built several others. During our tour we can see the oldest and the youngest bridges of the Hungarian capital. It is worth visiting them at night too, when the city is lighted up and legends take a new lease of life…


Mountains of culture


We will visit the most delightful buildings: Opera houses, the most beautiful theatres and cinemas, and the Palace of Arts.


Music for everyone


Independent of it what kind of music you like you will enjoy this excursion because we are going to visit the most important concert venues which can be found in beautiful buildings. We can discover where the famous songs of Béla Bartók were written and we will visit a newly established must see museum – which one fans of Hungarian rock music will love.


Transport in the past and now


Fans of vehicles will not be disappointed in Budapest.

In the museums we can get to know development of means transport. Today it may seem unbelievable that these buses, trams, etc. went in Budapest.

With veteran cars we go back to the past.

After the time travel we return to the present, that is we can get on the first underground of the continent, which goes under the Andrássy avenue (World Heritage Site) or take the chairlift or romantic Children’s Railway in the Buda hill, or the funicular to the Castle hill.

And how could we finish the day in better way than with romantic boat trip (maybe with dinner and live-music or operetta)?


Survivor of aristocracy: the palaces


It seemed in the 20th century that former delightful palaces will destroy, but fortunately many of the elegant buildings have been renewed, and are operated as an award-winning hotel or café. Some of the former residences can be found on the Andrássy avenue (World Heritage Site)




This day we will have a culinary tour. We go back to the past and can experience the atmosphere of cafés at the end of the 19th century. The secret of Hungarian liqueur will also reveal. We can taste the world famous Hungarian wines or visit the champagne cellar. Of course this does not mean you should go on the tour with rumbling stomach: we can have lunch or dinner in a great restaurant which offers Hungarian specialities or if you want we can choose a restaurant with amazing Danube view. A Sweet-tooth will not be disappointed because in a cozy confectionery they can choose from various cakes.




During this tour there is an opportunity to get to know the famous Hungarian poets and writers. Visiting the National Museum (it played a very important role in the revolution in the 19th century) and café (favourite one of litterateurs). Real curiosity is the recently opened Tale museum where you can feel in the Realm of Magic. We can get to know what works were inspired by literature. In the end unforgettable experience offers a telephone box… as a literary venue…


Antique and medieval face of Budapest


It is doubtless that stormy history has not spared the Hungarian capital and that is why most medieval buildings (especially older ones) cannot be found but maybe exactly therefore it is worth visiting remained buildings on both sides of the river. Churches, cozy streets guarantee real time travel.


Art Noveau and Eclecticism in the architecture of Budapest


Although Budapest is a living history book it is undeniable that most buildings in the second part of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century were built. Wherever we go we will see the masterpieces of Art Noveau: famous institutions, hotels, museums and some animal houses in the zoo too.

The eclectic buildings can be found not only in the downtown but also in the outskirts of the city. The best known ones are: Opera, Basilica, Parliament, Vajdahunyad Castle or Central Market Hall.


Budapest – the modern metropolis


It is worth visiting Budapest not only because of its history and past but also contemporary works:

  • Gigantic statues of controversial communism attract thousands of visitors.
  • The recently opened commercial and cultural centre is an interesting spot colour of the Hungarian capital as well.
  • The National Theatre and the Palace of Arts belong to the modern sights of Budapest too.
  • The newest Danube bridges, the ING-headquarters and the Southern Railway Station are worth visiting.


Budapest – in the mirror of history


We start time travel with reminiscences from the ancient times, after that we can get to know the most important stations of Hungarian history:


  • Óbuda’s role in the Roman Empire and during the reign of House of Árpád
  • The Margaret Island got into the history book
  • Historical role of Buda Castle
  • Reminiscences from the Turkish-era
  • The Habsburg Empire and Baroque architecture
  • Budapest’s fast development during the Monarchy
  • Rebuilding of Budapest after the World War II



Animal tour


Fans of animals will find everything in Budapest what they are interested in:


  • In one of the oldest zoos in Europe the number of visitors has been increasing year to year because it is very rich in species and the animal houses are really beuatiful buildings, which ones can be visited at night too
  • The Hungarian capital has a wild park
  • The biggest salt water aquarium of Central Europe can be found here
  • The fishermen will not be bored in Budapest because on the outskirts of the city there are great fishing places: peat lakes and backwaters of Danube.



Sport and Adventure


  • Sports stadium
  • The biggest indoor gokart track in a shopping centre
  • Omszk lake: wakeboard
  • Tennis, Bowling, Riding, Skateboading
  • Fishing: The fishermen will not be bored in Budapest because on the outskirts of the city there are great fishing places: peat lakes and backwaters of Danube.

And much more!